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Team Biogas® is the one central source for the key instruments, sensors and equipment needed for anaerobic digestion laboratory testing, plus all of the value-added components for a laboratory setup, whether turnkey or custom-designed. We can also provide all of the laboratory supplies and consumables that are needed.

Team Biogas® works with all laboratories – from those newly formed to those long established – in research areas such as wastewater treatment, excess food organics, livestock waste and food consumption waste.

Team Biogas® facilitates intermittent tests of organics that are critical to monitoring and maintaining the optimal running capacity of an anaerobic digester.

Team Biogas® instruments and sensors remove the guesswork, because they are automated. Their measurements are standardized, accurate and reliable in answering questions such as

  • How much methane does my feedstock produce?
  • How much biogas does my feedstock produce?
  • How can I simulate my existing plant at bench-scale?
  • How much gas does my reactor produce?
  • Is my digester healthy and operating at its optimal level?
  • How can I automatically feed my experiment?

Team Biogas® is a division of SeaHold® LLC, the exclusive North America distributor for the Automated Methane Potential Test System II and additional biogas laboratory instruments manufactured by Bioprocess Control® in Lund, Sweden.

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The AMPTS II has significant advancements over the first generation unit that we purchased. Your team has been a pleasure to work with and has been very attentive to meeting our research needs . . . we are excited to continue generating exciting research results. We look forward to continued collaboration in the areas of anaerobic degradation and biogas generation and utilization.

Stanford University

Executive Team