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Impact of bioaugmentation on biochemical methane potential for wheat straw with addition of Clostridium cellulolyticum

Xiaowei Peng, Rosa Aragão Börner, Ivo Achu Nges, Jing Liu
Bioresource Technology, (2014), 152, 567–571. 
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Codigestion of Taihu blue algae with swine manure for biogas production
Hengfeng Miao, Shouquan Wang, Mingxing Zhao, Zhenxing Huang, Hongyan Ren, Qun Yan, Wenquan Ruan
Energy Conversion and Management, (2014), 77, 643–649.
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Addressing case specific biogas plant tasks: Industry oriented methane yields derived from 5 L Automatic Methane Potential Test Systems in batch or semi-continuous tests using realistic inocula, substrate particle sizes and organic loading
Sabina Kolbl, Attila Paloczi, Jože Panjan, Blaž Stres
Bioresource Technology, (2014), 153, 180–188.

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Disintegration in the biogas sector – Technologies and effects
Britt Schumacher, Harald Wedwitschka, Josephine Hofmann, Velina Denysenko, Helge Lorenz, Jan Liebetrau
Bioresource Technology, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 17 February 2014.
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Prediction of anaerobic biodegradability and bioaccessibility of municipal sludge by coupling sequential extractions with fluorescence spectroscopy: Towards ADM1 variables characterization
Julie Jimenez, Estelle Gonidec, Jesús Andrés Cacho Rivero, Eric Latrille, Fabien Vedrenne, Jean-Philippe Steyer
Water Research, (2014), 50, 359–372.
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The influence of hydrolysis induced biopolymers from recycled aerobic sludge on specific methanogenic activity and sludge filterability in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor
D. Buntner, H. Spanjers, J.B. van Lier
Water Research, (2014), 51, 284–292.
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High bioethanol titre from Manihot glaziovii through fed-batch simultaneous saccharification and fermentation in Automatic Gas Potential Test System
Anselm P. Moshi, Carla F. Crespo, Malik Badshah, Kenneth M.M. Hosea, Anthony Manoni Mshandete, Bo Mattiasson
Bioresource Technology, (2014), 156, 348–356.
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Grass for biogas production: The impact of silage fermentation characteristics on methane yield in two contrasting biomethane potential test systems
J. McEniry, E. Allen, J.D. Murphy, P. O’Kiely
Renewable Energy, (2014), 63, 524–530.
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Pre-treatments for enhanced biochemical methane potential of bamboo waste
Shaochuan Shen, Ivo Achu Nges, Junxian Yun, Jing Liu
Chemical Engineering Journal,(2014), 240, 253–259.
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Anaerobic Digestion of Biobased Plastics
T. Zauche, D. Hitchins
Department of Chemistry & Engineering Physics
University of Wisconsin – Platteville
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