SeaHold® LLC

Team Biogas® is a division of SeaHold® LLC


Seahold® LLC realizes the renewable fuel value of organics, recognizing innovations in research, equipment and technology.


Seahold® LLC focuses on anaerobic digestion and conducts custom feasibility studies of proposed digester projects.


Seahold® LLC uses extensive knowledge of renewable energy to design and manage efficient conversion of excess organics into fuel and energy.

The SeaHold® LLC focus:

Anaerobic digestion

The SeaHold® LLC philosophy:

Organics are the future of renewable energy

The SeaHold® LLC methodology:

Use our comprehensive knowledge of the industry as a foundation
Conduct unbiased, independent studies of the feasibility of anaerobic digesters
Produce actionable, cost-efficient plans for generating energy from excess organics
Implement custom solutions for each client’s specific research needs
When appropriate, recommend Team Biogas instruments,
sensors and equipment for automated, reliable biogas measurement

The SeaHold® LLC solution:

Achieve sustainability goals and reduce the carbon footprint, with an aim of zero waste

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