Key Services


Instrument, sensor and equipment solutions to fit the particular needs of each research facility


Turnkey lab startup support from start to finish


Availability of all value-added components for laboratory setup, whether turnkey or custom-designed

Additional Services

  • Comprehensive equipment, instrument operation setup and     software training
  • Custom configurations of instruments and their components to maximize specific research goals for testing organics for their biomethane potential
  • Approved independent laboratory testing services:
    • BMP (Biochemical Methane Potential) testing
    • SMA (Specific Methanogen Assay) testing
    • ATA (Anaerobic Toxicity Assay) testing
    • Inoculum Characterization testing
  • Instructional videos
  • Resource for technology options and industry trends
  • Custom protocol development, laboratory and research design
  • Assisted by our partners, we coordinate on site monitoring of digester operations to improve yields, stability and efficiency
  • Sample substrate collection
    and assistance with testing
    procedure protocol


We have two Automated Methane Potential Test System units and have been able to perform Biomethane Potential Tests with greater accuracy and more depth than any of the BMPs that we have seen from other firms and the quality has been noted by private, public, military, and academic sectors. (Team Biogas) was prompt and courteous in the training and start up process. . . . (Team Biogas) also assisted us in filling out our lab with the secondary tests that we needed in order to more effectively characterize feedstock and digesters . . . we look forward to continuing to work with (Team Biogas) on future projects.

Biodico, Inc.

Please contact us about a custom design proposal for your specific laboratory needs.

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